AAAK [As Able As Kane]


At a time when Manchester was MADchester and all you heard in the city was of bands such as the Happy Mondays, The Smiths & The Stone Roses; AAAK stood out like a very sore thumb ! . Rejecting all things Mancunian they hit on an industrial and electronic sound, taking their influences from Jim Thirwell’s Foetus incarnations and other artists such as Nitzer Ebb and Front 242.

AAAK’s initial press reception was very favourable and after a very short space of time the band signed their first deal. Their gigs were receiving more and more attention and gaining a notoriorty for ‘loud and different’. Two records were released. Firstly the six track debut on Scam Records – Buildingscape Beatin 1989, which was followed by 1990’s Big Fist album on Belgian label KK Records.

Sadly, during the recording of a 3rd album, the band’s studio was broken into and cleared out !! . Totally disheartened by the whole affair AAAK split; reformed briefly, then split again. Paul R gave up all things musical, but Dingo went on to join The Fall several years later and played bass for PJ Harvey during her 2004 world tour. He now plays bass for Bobbie Peru.

“TIME” – taken from the mini-lp ‘Buildingscape Beat’ Scam Records 1989

“FAST CARS” – taken from the album ‘Big Fist’ KK Records 1990

“WE FALL ALONE” & “CORRUPTION” are tracks from the ill-fated 3rd Album. They feature guitarist Karl, who was with the band during their short reformation. Never released 1991

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~ por digitalterror em 08/12/2008.

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