Eiskalte Gaeste


Eiskalte Gaeste was founded 1988 in Göttingen, Germany, by former members of the group “Vier Von Hundert” Andreas Krüger and Jens Fahlbusch.
They released several records by themselves which they sold on their perfomances.
The only record ever officially distributed was the CD “Kunstscheisse”, which was released as sort of best-of-compilation in 1992 on their own label Out-O-Space-Records (distributed by EFA), shortly before the group disbanded later in the same year.
The main reason of disbanding was, that Andreas Krueger got bored of making melancholy,dark 80’s wave-music and went more interested in the arising Techno sound.
His next album was then “Dr. DNA – Animulation” which was distributed via the Out-O-Space-Records/EFA-deal under the sublabel Con-Science Records before he quitted lable-business.

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~ por digitalterror em 08/12/2008.

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