The Dassing brothers were raised on rock music, so their first instruments were actually the guitar (Dwayne) and drums (Gary). However, this changed when the pair discovered a number of new wave bands whose music was heavily saturated with synthesizers. Dwayne specifically lists the Cars, early Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, and especially Gary Numan as strong influences to Mentallo and the Fixer.

Around 1984, the brothers began acquiring synthesizers, discovering the inherent sonic possibilities that these instruments allowed. They began to experiment with these instruments, with recording techniques, and even rudimentary sampling with taped based equipment.

In 1988, the brothers added vocalist Rich Mendez to their roster, and adopted the name Benestrophe. They made two tapes as Benestrophe using only a 12-channel mixer and a $100 stereo TEAC tape deck (incidentally the same equipment used for the first Mentallo release), and surprised even themselves with its sound quality. Much of these tapes are now available on Benestrophe’s “Sensory Deprivation” CD and “Auric Fires” (RAS DVA). Benestrophe ended in 1990 when the Dassings moved to another part of the state, and then began their work as Mentallo and the Fixer.

[download: Sensory Deprivation] [download: Auric Fires] ——credit and label [ras DVA]

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~ por digitalterror em 12/12/2008.

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