SPLATTER SQUALL – The Spell [1991]


1991 ‘SPLATTER SQUALL’ Founded by Hagen Vetter and Jürgen Rabe.

Hagen Vetter: (vocals, synth’s, edits, mixing.)
Jürgen Rabe : (synth’s, sampling, edits.)

1992 Splatter Squall producing her first demo-tape: ‘(The Another Step to Hell).

1993 Through demo-tabes came a contract with Gothic Arts Records favor. Initial grants were the band diverse sampler contributions done, after followed the first debut CD album (The Spell) published. During the period,was Andreas W. by Hagen V. as a guest musician in the band take over.

1994 Was the second CD album (Transcendence) published . The label Gothic Arts Records settle after some time then on techno-trance, and is separate from Splatter Squall. For Jürgen Rabe was the reason for leaving the band out.

1995 Hagen V. and Andreas W. working on the album (Cruel).

1996-97  Signed Splatter Squall Hagen V. Andreas W. at Celtic Circle Productions/Khazad-Dum. The first Maxi-CD (Suspiria) (a interpretation), was first published.The album (Cruel) should be followed, but, it came to nothing more. Because the label company crashed itself in out! this was the album (Cruel) not realized! Andreas W. get out from the band. Subsequently, the band (Master mind) Hagen V. brings the band Splatter Squall to the end.


créditos: vox insana

1. Kiss the baphomet
2. Banish from reality
3. The spell
4. Crash coarse
5. Necronomicon
6. Suspended animation
7. Damned
8. Mr. Giger
9. Salomonis ( pt. 1 )



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Uma resposta to “SPLATTER SQUALL – The Spell [1991]”

  1. Banish from reality:

    The darkness in me
    is telling me the way
    I have to choose
    my candle of life
    has just fade out.

    I hear the hanged man coming
    I left the way of Heaven
    there’s no Chance to turn back
    I’m Banish from Reality.

    Quest-quest in a dark land
    into a world that’s cold as ice,
    ice I’m watching
    look for me – I cannot find
    lost – lost in a dark dream
    it’s day – I cannot see.

    I hear the hanged man coming .
    I left the way of Heaven
    There’s no Chance to Turn back for Eternity
    I’ m banish from Reality
    I’m banish from Eternity
    I take my back from reality
    high in the skies
    where I can’ t see

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