X Marks the Pedwalk – Abattoir (Limited Edition CDM) [2009]

X Marks the Pedwalk - Abattoir (Limited Edition CDM) (2009)

GENRE….. Electronic
STYLE…… Electro, EBM, Industrial
LABEL….. Infacted Recordings
MODE…… avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE… 24-Jul-2009
X Marks The Pedwalk re-releases ‘Abattoir’
German electro act X Marks The Pedwalk, the project by Sevren
Ni-Arb (aka Andre Schmechta), returns with a first release on
Infacted Recordings, namely a re-release of the Zoth Ommog
classic “Abattoir”. This time the MCD holds 11 songs instead of
the original 4 songs. All songs have been digitally remastered
and come with all new cover artwork. Besides this the MCD also
features all the songs from the 12″/vinyl release and an
additional song entitled “Interruption” as well as the
Raizormaid remix of “Abattoir”. To complete the collection
you’ll also find the unreleased song “The killing had begun” as
well as an additional unreleased extended remix by Brazilian DJ
We started our classix series with TRIBANTURA and their awesome
LACK OF SENSE release followed by SHIFT with their alltime
EBM/ELECTRO smash ôELECTROFIXXö (out on INFACTED in june!). Next
step will be X MARKS THE PEDWALK and their most wanted clubhit
ôABATTOIRö. This time we pimped the MCD up to 10 tracks
(original release did only hold 4 songs!). Featured is a
complete unreleased song called THE KILLING HAD BEGUN as well as
rare tracks taken from vinyl and compilations! A true MUST HAVE
for all EBM/ELctro followers! All detailed information to be
expected soon!
“Might is a magnet and everyone dreams of it.
And if they have it they just try not to lose it.
With all your might you impose your will.
You don’t like the persons who put obstructions in your way.
You often have the motive but still nothing to do.
I see that decline I see that circumstance it’s all so simple
but dance your social dance.
It’s just a shit.
Do you really understand what do you hold in your big hand.
And do you understand how rapid you will close your hand.
It’s easy to resist your might I just will look around.
I feel like throwing up.
Blow your problems away look at that decay.
I see you grow.
Your eyes are blind corruptive is that way and I try to find the
sense of your might to understand your sight.
There is nothing to ignore so I look down to your abattoir.”
Limited to 1000 copies!

01. Abattoir (Extended Mix)
02. Solitude
03. Abortion
04. Look on this Side
05. Interruption
06. Arbitrary Execution
07. Look on this Side (the Blood)
08. Dead Fuck
09. Abattoir (Razormaid Remix)
10. The Killing Had Begun
11. Abattoir (Extended Mix by Tonyy)
créditos e password: mp3db

~ por digitalterror em 30/07/2009.

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