V/A “Old School Electrology Vol.1” Ltd 4-cd

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CD1 Old School EBM

01 Astma “Honor and Glory” 2.59
02 Old School Union “Perkele” 3:15
03 Darkmen “Take It Back” 3.37
04 Serpents “Komm Naeher” 4.28
05 Spark! “Modern Slaves” 3:32
06 Orange Sector “Noise (Head mix)” 4.27 *
07 K-Bereit “Blackened” 3.57
08 Synaptic Defect “Electrofreak” 3.46
09 Presto Fervant “Bullseye” 3.23
10 DRP “Electro Pussy” 4.31
11 PP? “Repression (Dental Exilanation remix)” 5.45 *
12 T.A.N.K. “Game of Men” 4.42
13 Psychic Force
14 Ionic Vision “Hate” 3.55
15 MachineSoldier “Body Anonymous” 4.25
16 UGH…! “Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore” 3.36
17 Stin Scatzor “Noise In My Stomach” 2.53 **
18 Agrezzior “Statue of Liberty” 3:44
19 Ondska “Storm” 4:01
20 Lescure 13 “Destruktor” (Pouppée Fabrikk cover) 3.51 **

+Digital edition only:

21 Parade Ground & P. Codenys “Marble Mind” 3.48 *
22 Container 90 “Bla Bla Bla” 3:53 *

CD2 Authentic Dark Elektro

01 Brain Leisure “Self Reality” 4.24
02 Red+Test “Holy War” 5.25
03 Morticians “Art of Pain” 3.32
04 God Experiment “Shiver” 5:40
05 tEaR!doWn “Tempting Harlots” 4:40
06 Morgue Mechanism “Simulation” 4.30
07 Severe Illusion “Burning in Hell” 3.42
08 IC 434 “Skullwatch” 4.36
09 Necrotek “Revenant” 3.53
10 Putrefy Factor 7 “Confrontation” 4.26
11 Object “Humiliating Procedures” 4.37
12 Nordschlacht “The Collective” 5.08
13 Terminal State “Black Salt” 5.00
14 Pro Patria “H2SO4” 3.13
15 Trial “Brothers in Arms – Old School Mission” 3.30 *
16 Amnistia “Pretended” 5:30
17 Second Disease “Ecstatic” 4:19
18 Seven Trees “Present Decay” 3:21 **

CD3 Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM

01 Breathe
02 Disharmony “Access Points” 4.06
03 MC1R “Neuropathy” 5.54
04 kAlte fArben “Retrospective” 4.09
05 yelworC “Teufels Dreizack Part 1” 5:00
06 One Eye Wanders “Misdiagnosis” 4:32
07 To Avoid “Payback” 4:25
08 Splatter Squall “Summoning” 6.02
09 Jihad “Seven Skies” 7.08
10 The Holocaust Humanity “Alive” 3:52
11 deltaE (Mortal Constraint) “Acceleration” 6:07
12 Instans “Robot” 4:30
13 Tech Nomader “Nomad” 2:47
14 Collapsed System “Stay Tough” 4:53
15 A.D.A.C. 8286 “Störtebecker” 2.09
16 NTRSN “The Coming Ends” 3:44
17 Autodafeh “Dog Tag” 3:25
18 Neukampf “Duell Duet” 2:14

CD4 Amalgamation: Old School EBM & Authentic Dark Elektro

01 Injector
02 Guerrilla “Walk Away” 4:00
03 Kraft “Meine Liebe” 3:00
04 BodyFarm “EBM Macht Stark” 2:58
05 Armageddon Dildos “Out of Control” 3:51
06 Digital Factor “Electric Body” 4:30
07 EkoBrottsMyndigheten “Get Your Fists Up” 3:40
08 Der Prager Handgriff
09 Elite! “So Wie Wir” 3:35
10 U.M.M. “Cocktail Molotov” 3:15
11 Frontal “Zeig Mir” 3.35
12 Defecto Nagrobek “Ich War Ein Knabe” 3:20
13 The Blister Exists “For The Squad” 4:30
14 Pact of Warsaw “Domination” 4:12
15 Page 12
16 Haujobb “Letting the Demons Sleep”
17 Total Harmonic Distortion “Reversions/Mutations” 4.21
18 tri-state “avataR (kling klang KHAOS)” 5:00
19 Sleepwalk “Final Curtain” 4:21
20 Venetian Blind “Instead of Tears” 5:35

70 all exclusive tracks
5 exclusive remixes *
3 revamped demo tracks never released on cd **
Total: 78 tracks



Container 90 Interview

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ET: When did you and Rundberg start with music and why?
JON: In the late 1980:s my grandpa gave me a keyboard. From the beginning I was creating music of my own, something my grandpa didn’t like. He thought that I should play songs that already existed. But I didn’t care! A lot of year later I discovered Nitzer Ebb and their song “Let your body learn”. From that day EBM was my kind of music, and I started write “bodysongs” in Swedish. At that time my one-man-band was called THORBJÖRN SYNTHETIC. In the same era RON:s band PRESTO FERVANT was doing music and gigs. I liked their music and style. At that time Ron and I started to know each other. Many years later I met Ron and we decided to start a band. From the start we didn’t have any instruments at all. An old friend to me lend out his synthesizers, and we started to create “Epigone Idols”.
RON: Music has always been my biggest interests and to make music is a great creative process.

2. What are your roots?
JON: The first electronic artist in my life was Howard Jones. I can still remember his “New Song”. At that time the Swedish youth where spites in two groups: “Hard rockers” and “Synhters”. I was a Synther!
Started in early age to be interested in music. In 83-84 I found Synthpop like Ultravox and Alpha Ville. Son after that I discovered Cabaret Voltaire, Devo and Malaria and the wheel was spinning. One of my first concert was Laibach in 1986 and a;Grumh in 1987. Around 1990 I left the whole thing for death metal, punk & hard core. Now days I’m partly back to the roots. EBM and punk is almost the same for me. It’s al about the attitude.
Musically for C90 I’d say it’s some mix of Oldschool-EBM and Punk/HC.

ET: October 24th of 2008 your new record will be released on German label OUT OF LINE (OOL).Why you release on Out of Line?
JON: Because Out of Line is a great label with lots of great bands, and I think It’s cool to do this thing for once in my lifetime. I personally think that it would been nice if this has happened for 15 years ago. At that time I was a good looking guy with a lot of opportunities to get groupies. Now a days?… ha ha ha ha. By the way, I have no idea what’s gonna happen after this release, but I hope the audience get satisfied.
RON: It was a really big surprise when they contacted us. We never had any intentions to be signed and actually never thought anyone to be interested. We started as a DIY-band [Do-it-yourself] and the plan was to stay that way. Anyway we actually came to an agreement that I thought was impossible to a label that size. It’s a great opportunity to reach new listeners so we decided to give it a shoot. It’s also a risk we lose some as we might be considered as sell outs but I hope they listen to our new tracks before they judge us. I also hope it could be a benefit for the whole genre. More concerts etc.

ET: Your new record calls “World ChampionShit”. What’s the reason (if there is one) for this nice name?
RON: It’s a kind of spin-off of our first album Scandinavian masters that’s usually is big golf tour. Not much to do with us but as the cover shows we do it our own way. The sport them goes again with a small twist / play with words on this new album. The artwork has also a simulate touch though we do this shit in our own way again.

ET: Is it a concept album?
RON: Not really a concept. Lyrics is mostly about everyday things like boredom, booze, EBM and stupid things we meet. No advanced stuff, just straight ahead stuff that I feel at the moment.

ET: Dogwalk, Bollox, Barcrawler, Guttersnipe, songs from the new record,… sounds more like an English street movie in the 80s than Sweden, land of elks and a wonderful nature. Is the live really so hard in Sweden?

JON: Sweden is a nice country. But we also have problems with a lot of stuff. There are both rich and poor people here. And also a lot of booze.
RON: ha ha.. sorry to say Guttersnipe is more or less a true story about a guy I knew, now doing time for manslaughter. Bollox is about a swedish label guy ripping us of, a real jerk full of bullshit. Fuck him. Dog walk is about us who not choose to do the Catwalk and to do a bar night is not that exotic I think 😉 So I guess some things not that different around the world.

ET: What happens next? Something is planned for a tour?
JON: No really plans right now. But I hope for a lot of gigs the coming year. By the way, perhaps a release party is gonna take place in Stockholm in the late December this year.
RON: Latest thing is we might be performing a gig at a big German festival next summer. We’ll see how things work out.

ET: Are there plans for PRESTO FERVANT?
RON: No plans but we actually did a new track for a compilation.

ET: Some words for the EBM guys and girls …
Stay true, stay hard core & Cheers until we see you next time!
Stay tuned. Buy our new record and EBM UNITED!


Funker Vogt – Thanks for Nothing [1996]

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.synthetic ebm
01 – Black Hole
02 – A New Beginning
04 – Animals
05 – This Circle
06 – Alone
07 – Suspended Animation
08 – The Land of Milk and Honey
09 – Funker Vogt
10 – Remember Childhood


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Dominic Sahs não é um homem de compromissos: Quando ele era um membro do Projeto Altmark-Electros, ele não poderia realizar plenamente suas visões musicais. Então ele começou a fazer sua própria música com o Judge: Dred e finalmente deixou o seu antigo projeto.

Razões pessoais tornaram impossíveis para ele a vida na Alemanha, então se mudou para a Suécia e começou tudo de novo. Quando ele bem conhecido com o nome Judge: Dred, ele lançou espontaneamente o The Blister Exists que tem a enérgetica sueca Joanna R. a bordo, que já havia provado sua impressionante qualidade como baterista ao vivo antes e back vocal.

A música de Sahs não faz prisioneiros. Com seu álbum debut “Raw” ele ainda joga uma dupla carga de agressão extra na mesa. Tendo sido produzidos nos estúdios da Pouppée Fabrikk, o impiedoso álbum “Cru” é definitivamente mais do que uma simples coleção de 15 faixasde mais puro EBM. Novamente, vocais profundos e batidas brutas estão sendo empurradas por todos peloa destruidora staccato sequencia [?].
Não há um único momento calmo, e como se isto não fosse suficiente, o mais proeminente ‘órgão’ da cena, Johan Damm (ex-Dupont, Volt, novo Poupée Fabrikk, Menticide), que haviam sido recrutados pela aparência! [rs] “Raw” é o derradeiro eletroacústico da violência, há muito aguardado substituto para fãs do EBM sueco, em geral, e – devido às muitas semelhanças – especialmente para os fãs de Pouppée Fabrikk.

Inspirador, mas não copiado, 100% oldschool, mas não velho chapéu [?, rs]- Electric Tremor Dessau apresenta um dos mais duros e de melhores álbuns de EBM do ano!

1. Violent Process (feat. Johan Damm)
2. You Suck!
3. Violent Process
4. The Pretender
5. Stein für Stein (Album Mix)
6. Hacker
7. Like A Doll
8. Wrong Respect
9. Killingfields
10. Vem tror du att du är
11. Psychosocial
12. Spit It Out!
13. Addicted
14. Required To Nothing
15. Killingfields (Crusader Mix)
Lançamento HOJE – pedidos pelo Electric Tremor shop


POUPPÉE FABRIKK reunites after 7 years absence from the scene!

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Frontman Henrik Björkk returns on vocals and Christiaan Riemslag (C.A.P./Menticide) joins the band as full member, filling the place of former member Jouni Ollila.

The PF studio is rebuilt to its former strength and work is currently in progress on the new album, bound to be released 2010.

Soundclips will be online shortly.

O cabeça Henrik Björkk volta nos vocais e Christiaan Riemslag (C.A.P / Menticide) se junta a banda como membro integral, preenchendo o lugar do antigo membro Jouni Ollila.

O PF está em estúdio, reconstruindo sua antiga força e trabalho e está atualmente trabalhando para seu novo álbum, lançado em 2010.

Clipes estarão online em breve.


Spark! – 65 Ton Stål [2008]

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65 Ton Stål
Old School EBM

1 65 Ton Stål
2 Den Sjunde Vågen
3 Frihet
5 En Kvinnas Logik
6 Ulven
7 Döda Honom
8 Idioter
9 Vår Maskin
10 Skull And Bone


Orange Sector – Mindfuck [2009]

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Orange Sector
Old School EBM/

01. Death Rides The Highway
02. Untertage
03. Sturmgeist
04. Body Bag
05. Maschinenkind
06. Legend
07. Haut
08. Infiziert
09. Wir sind Stahl
10. Energie
11. Death Rides The Highway (Jesus Mix)
12. Sturmgeist (Club Massacre Mix)
13. Maschinenkind (Mauerwelt Mix)
14. Energie (OSP Remix)